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  1. My wife and I wish to extend a sincere “thank you” for inviting us to share in your 50th reunion. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and as for myself , it was incredible to be remembered after a half a century. Classical was truly unique and the shared experiences brought back many happy memories. The quote of the evening for me was one attendee when being introduced to me gasped, ‘Oh my God, we’ve got teachers who are STILL ALIVE!
    Sincerely, (still alive and kicking)
    Bruce Wells

    1. Ben, it was great to see you and so many at reunion. As I looked at the pictures posted, I realized that I missed connecting with many of our classmates. Hope we do another reunion in 5! My sister, Beth, who was with me that night, would like to be in touch with Alan Cooper’s wife, Bonnie, who was a classmate of hers. Any chance you could give me an email address for her to write Bonnie?

  2. This was my first experience at a reunion for myself. I approached it with both fear and excitement. How do you greet people after not seeing them for 50 years? Well, I can tell you that the committee’s efforts paid off. The name tags, although a reminder of our younger self, were also a good mind perk for identification of old friends. The room was lovely and the music nice, but not too loud. The ambiance created the perfect setting for renewing old relationships. Thanks certainly goes out to the hard-working people who made this special day happen.

  3. I also thank the committee for putting together such a wonderful 50th reunion. I had to be talked into attending as well and am so glad I was there Saturday night. It was really fun to see so many friends from earlier days, some of whom started out with me at Tatnuck …. then on to Chandler before Classical. Hope there is another reunion in five years.

  4. I just want to say a big thank you to the Classical reunion committee for organizing and hosting last night’s 50th reunion. I had a wonderful time getting to re-connect with some old school friends. It truly is a milestone for us all and I am so happy that I was talked into attending. The food was awesome, but the best part was seeing how well we have all aged – ha! ha!

  5. I will not be there Saturday evening due to a prior obligation
    gee whiz guys you only gave me 50 years notice.

    I am not really interested in nostalgia but I will be there Sunday Brunch to meet with any classmates who are interested in doing something now.

    I am working on a project which requires no capital but great intelligence or wisdom and the Classical 50 ought to be a place to recruit and focus a great collective mind.

    If anybody needs any skills I have ask and if I can do it I will.

    Oh yeh would the class consider adopting a non graduate of Classical into our graduating class.

    My friend was murdered in Saudi Arabia recently and he will never live to see his fiftieth reunion.

    If we add him to our necrology I bet it makes good morning america and it would be good to keep his name alive also.

    Just a thought.

    See you all on Sunday

    1. My deepest condolences to Noah Mandell on the loss of his good friend. It’s never easy to lose someone that we care about. During the past two years I have lost more than 14 of my closest friends. Makes you think long and hard about your own mortality.

  6. Excited that we (Richie will join us,) will be attending the reunion. Looking forward to reconnecting with “old” friends.

  7. Yes, I will be there and my sister (Beth Congdon-Martin) will be coming with me. She was a class officer two years behind us.

  8. Looking forward to seeing some “old ” friends. I’m sure we all wonder where the time went.

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