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This website is the online home for the 1965 graduating class of Classical High School, Worcester MA

Reunion Committee Includes:
Charlie Andreson
Ben Bachrach
Mike Backer
Mark Blazis
Bob Bloom
Alan Cooper
Judy Michaud Delisle
Liz Oginsky Frem
Rich Furman
Vicki Grace
Sally Bates Griffith
Arnie Hamm
Linda Rose Robbins
Rick Sandler
Nancy Starr Shulman
Susan Segal Taffet
Dave Tinsley
Diane Epstein Valderrama
Larry Witkin

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  1. I want to thank all classmates (and others) who have been working so hard on this reunion. Unfortunately, after looking forward to this event for 50 years, I have to send regrets. I will now look forward to the 100th.

    Over the last few years I saw Joanne Stubbe ’64 at the symposium Penn’s chemistry department gave on the occasion of her retirement. I attended a talk given by our own Eric Yoffie. And I spent an hour or two over drinks with Barry Levenson ’66 and a gaggle of admirers. He was in Philadelphia speaking about his Mustard Museum at a convention. Going back a bit further, my family met up with Larry Kegeles and his family at Six Flags Great Adventure.

    I second Noah Mandell’s suggestion about making Chris Cramer an honorary classmate. If you have been following the news, you know what a gruesome situation it was.

    Worcester is the scene for my Clarence Thomas affinity story. Does anybody want to venture a guess at what this is?

    Salitube to all.


    1. Hi Joel,
      Sorry you couldn’t attend the reunion. It was a wonderful event.
      A few months ago I found some “Argus” magazines from our senior year. You and Paula Bergin were the editors. I photocopied them and gave the pages to Ben Bachrach. Hopefully he will find time to scan them and post them on the website.
      Hope all is well with you.

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