Reunion Attendees

Updated 10/19/2015
The following attended our 50th Reunion
Arthur Aframe and Joan Katz
Charlie Andreson and Cindy
Paul (Arsenault) Bennett
Liz Artz Fineberg
Ben Bachrach and Anina
Michael Backer
Julia Barresi Tufano
Sally Bates Griffith and guest
Peter Bilazarian and guest
Bruce Bindman and Susan
Mark Blazis and Helen
Robert Bloom
Joyce Bloomfield Stankus
Kathleen Cahill Donley
Nancy Cohen
Harriet (Hat) Congdon Traub and sister Beth Congdon-Martin
Alan Cooper and Bonnie
Ann Coven
Linda Davidson Sagor and guest
Marilyn Diamond Feldman
Cynthia Drougen Cohen
Janet Dufault Chesties
Paula Fins
Aleksandras Gedmintas
Elaine Freedman Goodman
Marilyn Greece Talbot
Ronda Freeman Shiffrin and guest
Elizabeth Oginsky Frem and Robert
Richard Furman
Arnold Hamm
Ruth Gail Joseph Cohen and guest
Larry Joseph
Larry Kegeles
Raymond Kildisas and 3 guests
Janet Knapik Krause
Kenneth Kowalcheck
Meryl Leviton Brickman and guest
Steve Levitsky
Amy Lindsey
Noah Mandell – Sunday Brunch
Judy (Michaud) Delisle
Lois Napoli Wilbur and guest
Sue Niman
Ilene Nodelman Freedman
Robert O’Neal and Lynn
Peter Ostrow
Joel Palley
Linda Rose Robbins
Karen Sachs Mann and guest
Norma Jean Sadowsky Sternschein and guest
Rick Sandler
James Salvidio
Thomas Schnare
Sue (Sigel) Taffet and Richie
Lynn Shulman Kaye
Nancy Starr Shulman
Bob Sullivan
Miriam Swartz Queen and Jeffrey
Ronald Swidler
James Tharp and Loretta
David Tinsley and guest
Elaine Verstein Bloomfield and guest
Eva Weisman Silver and guest
Bruce Wells (Teacher) and guest
Larry Witkin and guest
Carol Witkin

8 thoughts on “Reunion Attendees”

  1. Lynn and I are looking forward to a great evening at the reunion with new and old friends. Many thanks to the reunion committee for finding me. (Mark Blazis) It has been so long since graduation but after reading the Classical 65 names and reviewing pictures(great site) it seems like only yesterday we were climbing stairs to the front door. Enjoy the day……………bob

  2. I will be attending reunion and am sorry to be late. Putting check in the mail today!! My sister, Beth Congdon-Martin, will be coming with me. Looking forward to our 50th!

  3. i will be attending the reunion on sat nite
    thanks for all ur hard work

  4. I will be leading a special safari in the Serengeti/Masai Mara area of Tanzania and Kenya, my second home, to observe and film the great wildebeest migration and crossing of the Nara River in August 2016 if any Classical Tigers wish to join me!

    1. I did this safari in 2012 to Kenya, thru the Masai Mara, met the Masai chief & his son & many wives, took an air balloon ride over the Serengeti to watch the wildebeast migration. This was a private 2 person safari for me & a girlfriend. Hubby was not intereted in this venture whatsoever. Made a detour to visit the mines in Tanzania & fetched a 6 ct. Block D Tanzanite gemstone in the process. Stayed at 4* hotels where there happened to be an unannouced stay by the current President of Kenya who was campaigning with his entourage, an army of armed soldiers… & one harrowing night in ‘the bush.’ Formally attired waiters wore white gloves to serve in the dining tent with linens & champagne. That one night in the bush was the most terrifying experience ever. Our big 2 person, luxury tent was equipped with two 4 poster beds, furniture & an adjoining private bathroom with a shower…but was located between lions hunting in the field directly in front of us & a huge herd of elephants who needed to pass thru the field where they were hunting. The elephant path happened to be alongside our tent. It was a stand-off all night. The elephants kept trumpeting, circling & brushing against our tent. Lions roared in rebellion that they were ruining their hunt. MOST SCARED I’VE EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE. The safari people just said “Do not exit your tent for any reason!” By morning we saw water trucks heading out. Elephants knocked over the water supply located behind our tent. Other than that it was an amazing adventure & an experience I will never forget.

    2. Mark, I am interested in the trip – let’s plan on discussing it at the reunion. It sounds like it would be a wonderful experience.

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